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Mr.Madhurjya Bordoloi

Dr.Diganta Ribongshi is a person with a very dynamic peresonality.As I have seen he always focus on his work very particularly.Not to mention he is very honest towards his profession because as I have been noticing he is completely different from the other insurance agents that I have come across in my life.I find this person absolute Caretaker of life. He never says to by an insurance policy from him but he makes people understand about its needfulness and that's the point where people really get understanding themselves and try to do an insurance from whatever they can save. He always choose the best policy for his customers . I hope each and every person will be secure with an insurance policy in our country if there is a person like Dr.Diganta Rajbongshi works for any insurance company. I really feel lucky for LICI that they have an service provider like him.


Dr. Dhanjita Barman

Lic of india is most of the People's trusteed Insurance Company"-- Before coming contact with Dr. Rajbongshi, I was not favour of the word "insurance" Lots of my family members with this background had a conflict with me about purchasing this Policy. Thanks to Dr. Rajbongshi who was changed my mind. I always found it a complex Subject. It has been so  difficult for me to understand how a lic policy change or save our Future. His Communication Skill,Guidance Makes me Agreeable to this policy. Dr Rajbongshi is  really a strong communication Skill. He is a Reliable Performere with a Bundle of Product Knowledge and Carrying a Good Behavior . Lic Profession is a Challenging job. 
I wish him a great Success Ahead.


Mr. Bhaben Lahkar

I am very Satisfied in your Activities as a Successful Policy  Advisor. Your Energetic and Attractive Personality Attract me as a Policy Holder. ?Your dedicative Service ensure in removing the Economics Hardship of Future life which is Generally faced by common people Particularly During their old age.
your Particular Quality which, i like very much is that you don't force or compell people to open policy without making aware of the pros and cons of the policy like some other insurance advisor your quality of clearly demonstanding and making the people understand the profitable aspect of the policy is not possesed by many insurance advisior


Mrs. Gitika Kalita

As a advisior of LIC india, the must Appreciable Quality Found is Dr.Diganta Rajbongshi is to help the Policy Customer in Choosing the right one keeping in view his or her present Economic status and future need as well . Some other important aspects of services offered by Dr. Rajbongshi are Prompness in Service, Cooperation and good Support with the policy Holders. Being one of the largest service sectors of the country,poeple always expect such type of Sincere service from the part of its policy advisors.Hope, Dr Rajbongshi's Loyalty towards his Profession will encourage others and also increase faith in minds of Common People Towards LIC.  


Mr. Pranab Deka

Dr Rajbongshi has the empathy & Calibre to heed inside the problem or  probable risks of a Person and Suggest Solution in LIC Platform. Due to in depth Product Knowledge, he never pushes hard but motivate People to take decision on his own after realising the benefits.We feel proud to have such a confident & Professional self employed Person among us in our locality.Wish him all success in his career.


Mr. Kandarpa Sarma

Dr. Diganta Rajbongshi is a MDRT and Gradually Progressive in th LIC Of India. I call him a desert in the midst of the wilderness. He has Integrity, Responsibility for the end of the society,devoted and does systemetic work among the many others. He is expert in Extension Management Techniques. I wish him success in life.


Mr. Tapan Barman

Dr Diganta Rajbongghi is very Active, Sincere and Dynamic Person. He is  an Outstanding Performer in his Profession. I Wish him sucess in his Future Life.


Mr. Bharat Chandra Talukdar

Beside an Insurance Advisior Dr. Diganta Rajbongshi Keeps Retation With People. That is the main Assets of his Personality. That's Priceless.Social Responsibility is one of the great Quality of Dr.Rajbongshi and that is why public Trust him more and will to deal Regarding Finance. I think this is his Success Secret.


Ms. Latika Basumatary

In my view, Dr Diganta Rajbongshi is an expert and pecuilar Insurance advisor. He brings Insurance awarenes among people. His customers service is excellent, wide discussing method for customer understanding is so appriciable. I wish him sucess in life.


Dr.Arunabh Sarmah

He is very fluent & efficient regarding his work ,In my view,making it very clear to understand the policies. Every time we meet ,we have a very friendly conversation,which further makes sense for future endeavours.